5.10.238 final beta:
- fixed ANOTHER bug when 2nd XFD is launched :)
- fixed bug destroying Explorer
- fixed program-exclusion flags not applied for certain types of dialogs
- other small internal fixes

version 5.10.0236 beta:

- fixed problem with dialogs from programs marked as low access (like IE)

- improved access rights for XFilesDialog itself and installation problems on Windows 8.1

- improved handling of long selections or filenames.



version 5.00.0230:

- v5 'internal engine' that looks and works better on Windows7 and Windows8
- better DPI-awareness
- new help type (fully compatible with Win7/8)
- many small fixes.


Known problems:
- new help is still missing features from the old help (will be improved in future versions)
- there might be 1-2 pixels misalignments under certain settings (mostly in Windows8).