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Here is a small list of articles written by us or links to material published by our friends or other sites that we regard as highly valuable (with all the normal legal disclaimers).

Our pages

Why web advertising is tricky and other dirty secrets A detailed article written by us and dealing with the status of web advertising today (from the ads-buyer point of view and covering some real examples from the shareware market).
UPDATE March 2002 - maybe the upper-management from Google were reading our articles :) An update of the article above with some of the changes in the world of "search engines advertising".
UPDATE March 2003 - or what a huge difference one year can make It's been more than one year after our initial articles from January and March 2002 and the landscape of web advertising is now completely reversed!
Sager 4259 notebook review Small review for our latest notebook - together with the real problems that we have encountered!

Other pages

Why Advertising Doesn't Work on the Web While our intuition was telling us the same thing, back in 1997 Jakob Nielsen was one of the very first people to write about it!
Designing Web Ads Using Click-Through Data Another Jakob Nielsen article - about advertising on search engines.

Other reviews (not computer-related)

Citizen EcoDrive Titanium watch review