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About us:

XDESKSOFTWARE is a small company that was started as a single product (XDESK, a virtual desktop manager, around 1996), but since it was based on real experience and passion for computers things grew constantly up to a point when we started our own company and domain, we started more and more products and today we are still growing!!!

In a world full of dead dot-coms and failed software projects XDESKSOFTWARE is one of the few companies that has never let its customers down, and we like to hope that things will be even better in the future :)

As you can probably see after looking at our site and our products, we believe in a classic business model - in which we have some products and services that answer to a real need and that we sell for a fee instead of promoting hype and then making money from spam and dumb advertising!


Contact us:

If you would like something improved in XDESK , SysTrayX or XfilesDialog (or some of the new products that we are developing - XOnline, XSync, EasyMultilingual/C++) it might be a good idea to ask it NOW ! (Asking is FREE, versions 1.xx of XDESK are FREE, and all what we would like in exchange is some feedback in order to make our programs better).

E-mail us at xdesk@xdesksoftware.com with any problem / question / suggestion !

You can also contact us if your company is interested in outsourcing a challenging software project - and we are also very good at "recovering in the last moment" projects that are "almost dead" (but our fees for such "resuscitations" are not small)!

We strongly dislike any form of SPAM, and there is no way in which we'll do any business with somebody that uses or tolerates it.

You can also contact us using the following postal address: XDESKSOFTWARE, Cicero 6, Ploiesti, Romania, zip code 2000.


Copyright (c) 1996-2004 XDESKSOFTWARE