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HERE is a page with selections from previous posts from our mailing list - it's pretty much a list of some programs that we find very useful (but with all corresponding legal disclaimers ...)


Other sites and programs that we like - XDESKSOFTWARE is in no way affiliated with them, we are simply happy customers / users / friends:

Shimmer research Site for a new research/medical device developed by Intel.
Sysinternals Amazing site with some of the smartest Windows utilities available, absolutely free and some even with full source code!
POPFile Free/open and very effective spam-fighter!
Windows Commander A very nice "file-manager" (with a lot of extra features) that is very tempting for "old-timers" that have started computing on DOS machines with Norton Commander.
AnalogX Nice free utilities, including a good submission tool for shareware authors. (too bad it's not open-source :)
Gibson Research Corporation Some nice utilities, including a few free (and very small) programs and some great reviews about computer security and privacy!
Euro-Share Free moderated mailing list for shareware authors, great if you are one and want some advice!
HardwareGroup Free self-moderated mailing list for hardware, overclocking and not only! Its origins can be traced back to the old days when Intel was fighting any site that was not 100% agreeing with them, and lists like those were a place where you could exchange "hidden knowledge". Now is a great "small internet community".
GeH's Homepage
Home of FCU File-Compare Utility (very nice tool for comparing and editing multiple versions of the same text file - like for instance some of our translations)
DEKO SHG-Editor is a GREAT tool to create (and more important to update) Segmented HyperGraphics (SHG) files !
PROXOMITRON Nice "Universal Web Filter"!
XRayz Software Home of "ClipCache Plus" and "MultiMacro".
Tiny Software Home of "Tiny personal firewall"!
BetaNews A site dedicated to beta versions.
FileForum Nice shareware/freeware/trialware site.
sap-consulting.ro Nice site for SAP consultants.
radupopescu.com A financial page from one of my friends.
ANTONIU.NET Some of my friends.
CMIHAI.NET A young friend of mine with a passion for web design.
GOCIMAN.COM Some of my friends.
Sorin Lungan renovations page Some of my old-time friends.