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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Will [XDESK, SysTrayX, XFilesDialog] work OK with my_program_X ?

A: Best chances are that it will, but the best way to be 100% certain will be to try it - our evaluation versions are FREE !!! (not to mention that there is no malware/spyware and can be easily and totally uninstalled )

Q: Is there any way to avoid the splash-screen ?

A: The splash-screen is much shorter in the registered version (and of similar duration to most other commercial programs on the market).

Q: What's with all those beta, shareware and registered versions?

A: The beta, shareware and registered versions are different versions, we publish them ususally in this order with about 2-8 weeks between them so that everybody can test them on their own system with their specific configuration and settings!

Q: I am a registered user, why haven't I got the latest version?

A: There might be no new registered version yet (see the previous quiestion), your email address might have problems or your subscription might have expired!

Q: Why is your web site looking so "boring" ?

A: Our pages do not require a specific browser or plugin and can be perfectly used even with pictures and multimedia turned OFF - and what's more important - our pages are trying to provide INFORMATION instead of HYPE - for more details click here!


XDESK - click here for more technical XDESK questions

Q: Sometimes certain sounds can be heard - what does that mean ?

A: The "beeps" generally signal an important action from XDESK that might otherwise confuse the user - either a new window was created on a different (invisible) desktop or a window is trying to become active on another desktop (and the corresponding tray icon will be "flashing") or a window was closed as a result of our "Block Internet Explorer popups" feature !!!



Q: Sometimes the SysTrayX menu will seem to "flash", is that bad ?

A: That usually means that one of the icons or some text in the SysTrayX menu is constantly changing - and normally that should not be a problem - but if you really want to avoid it you can disable in Settings / Advanced the "Auto repaint" feature! (not always recommended)



Q: Will XFilesDialog handle the file-dialogs in MS Office ?

A: The file-dialogs in MS Office are non-standard (even if Microsoft strongly suggest to all other developers to use the standard dialogs :) and are not currently supported but in future versions we plan to add that feature too!