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XFilesDialog now has its own domain at XFILESDIALOG.COM


About XFilesDialog 

XFilesDialog is designed to improve all the (more or less standard) Windows file dialogs (Open / Load / Save). The dialogs will be bigger and you will have extra tools - like lists of recent files and folders, buttons for each drive or the full name of the current folder! Click here for a demo ! (demo)

  Also please note that even if Win2k and Win98 (or later) have file-dialogs that are improved over Win95 or NT4, XFilesDialog is still very handy since it will also work with older programs and will automate things that not even Win2k is able to remember! (like the display mode - details/list - or the sort order and headers size)

Don't you hate when on your big screen you see a small dialog where you have to scroll about 100 times to see all the files and folders ?

Don't you hate when you have to waste a lot of time only to see in which folder you are currently located ?

Don't you hate when you have to waste a lot of clicks only to get to a file that you have just saved from another program ?

No surprise that the Win95 file dialogs are in a top position in the "Hall of Shame" !!!

XFilesDialog is the solution for this problems !

Please note:

- the much bigger size of the dialog ;

- the extra "history menu" ;

- the files are automatically sorted ;

- the display mode (list, details, etc.) and headers size are automatically set ;

- the name of the current folder is displayed on the title bar!

- since XFilesDialog v2 is working with Office2000 and OfficeXP programs;

- since XFilesDialog v3 is working with Office 2007 programs!

- NEW - XFilesDialog v4 is now working with 64-bit versions of Windows and Office 2010 programs!