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XDESKSOFTWARE is a small company that wants to provide you with the best productivity tools for your electronic desktop - and we already have a number of such programs - XTView , XDESK , SysTrayX , XFilesDialog and EarthSunX ( also available at a significant discount as our Desktop-enhancing Utilities suite ! )
Our products will protect the most important asset of both your business and your personal life - YOUR TIME !
(please note that we are in no way related to the site XDeskSoft.com which seems to be a Chinese company trying to benefit from the name similarity and our very good long-time reputation)

NEW XTView is a very effective Task-Switcher/Desktop-Assistant rewritten specifically for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.


XFilesDialog will resize and organize the Windows and Office file dialogs (open, save, save as) and will add a list of favorites and recent files/folders to all standard programs. Click here for a demo !
NOW (v5) with improved Vista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 compatibility and full 64-bit support!


And XFilesDialog also has full support for XP Visual Styles and many other new features since version 3 , which was extended to Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) in version 4 and now to Windows 7 with transparency and Windows 8 (with improved high-DPI support) in version 5 !

XFilesDialog XP

XFilesDialog Win7

XFilesDialog Win7 with transparency

XFilesDialog Win7 with transparency and 144 DPI

XFilesDialog Win8 144 DPI

SysTrayX is designed to maximize the way you can use your system tray. NOW with 64-bit support Click here for a demo !


XDESK - the most addictive Virtual Desktop Manager / Desktop Assistant - Now with TileView / TopView and Vista support (v4.60 here) Click here for a demo !


EarthSunX - the world-time at your fingertips !!! (yet taking NO desktop space) EarthSunX



And after many years of software development we have built a rich set of code modules that might also be of serious help for some other software developers - you can find out more on this programming tools page.

We are also in early testing stages with some other products:
- Xonline - a small program to improve the way you are using your dial-up connection;
- XSync - a program to automatically backup important files and folders;
- EasyMultilingual/C++ - a small library for easy to implement translations (mainly for VisualC++ programs);
- XLogAnalyzer - a program for webmasters to help them analyze what their visitors do (and how they navigate) on their websites (very usefull to measure the effectiveness of your advertising).

To find more about those programs (and eventually test them in early stages or provide feedback about the features you would like inside) you should join the XDESKSOFTWARE MAILING LIST - FREE OF ANY OBLIGATIONS and with no "spam risk"!

We have also recently added a nice page with generic information about Virtual Desktop Managers, another page with XDESK tips and tricks and some pages with technical informations about the System Tray and the Windows File Dialogs

NEW - now we have also added the followind new domains/sites: XDESK.INFO , SYSTRAYX.COM , XFILESDIALOG.COM , DESKTOP-UTILITIES.COM and we are also providing hosting for VIRTUAL-DESKTOP.INFO


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